What is Essay Writing the Fast Way? Who is Ms. Valerie?

(The first 6 minutes is an introduction to teacher Ms. Valerie, the rest explains the Learn Essay Writing the Fast Way method, and then ends with a discount code.)


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Stop the Writing Stress!

This is when:

  • You or your teens can't figure out what to write, and it’s due tomorrow morning.
  • Your teens have to write an entire essay in 40 minutes for the SAT/ACT, a test that they have to get a good score on, or they won’t go to the college of their dreams..
  • You or Your teens feel like they just can’t keep up with their homework and want to quit.
Worried by the essay writing struggle? Ms. Valerie's inspiring patterns and simple formulas transform anxious teens into confident writers.
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Learn Essay Writing the Fast Way Features

Easy Writing Patterns

The Other Guys: 

Too many writing texts cram in so much information--they overwhelm and paralyze the student.

And then there are the texts that start with a fascinating prompt and expect students to then write--as if all they need is imagination!

The Fast Way:

Learn Essay Writing the Fast Way teaches patterns, tools, and mnemonics so students know HOW to write (instead of staring blankly at the screen).

Students earn badges which celebrate and encourage their progress throughout the course.

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Fast Track or Scenic Route

The Fast Track: 

Some students are ready to just learn the patterns and apply them right away to their other homework.

These students treat these courses like writing clinics, take the "Fast Track" and work through the 5 main concept classes in the Adult Level 1.

The Scenic Route:

But most students take the "Scenic Route," learning a concept in the main lessons, and then practicing it in following two A+B classes, and take the Teen Level 1 course.

Whether it's 5 lessons or 15, in these courses, students choose the path that best fits what they need. 

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Online + Live Assistance


These modules are on-demand, self-paced, pre-recorded online courses, perfect for the busy schedules that struggle to fit in live classes (especially with differing time zones).

But we don't leave students hanging.


With inspiring badges earned with every lesson, comments, and personal homework responses from the teacher, these courses have a live component that inspires students to keep progressing!

Try it out for no risk, up to 30 days.*

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"“It was super-exciting to write this 3- paragraph essay. I have benefited so much since starting these lessons: expanding vocabulary, writing formations, the steps to writing an essay and so much more!”"

David D.

"“[My son] loved taking writing with [Ms. Valerie]. We high recommend [her].”"

Lily H.

"“This program is amazing! I highly recommend it!”"

Mindy B.

"“I think I’m writing much faster and that is because of [Ms. Valerie].”"

Charlotte M.

"“[My son] looked forward to Valerie’s classes. He was only 12 but he happily did his writing homework without the slightest reminder. He enjoyed writing and his skills improved dramatically.” "

Kate G.

"“Really value and appreciated your personalised approach and tips and tricks to write essay in a fast way. [My daughter] genuinely has some great take aways which will be her tools for life. Thank you again. Looking forward to anything else if you teach online.” "

Nidhi L.

After Finishing Foundations 1...

Students will be able to write 1-1 1/2 page essays with confidence. They will:

  • know the steps to starting the essay (instead of staring at the screen wondering), 
  • know how to organize their thoughts, 
  • know how to answer the prompt quickly and incorporate it into their Introductory Statement
  • know how to create a Concluding Statement that connects the essay all together, 
  • and know how to go back and polish their essay before turning it in (an oft-skipped step for most students). 


Students will be able to write their essays faster with a more mature vocabulary. Choose between a module for middle schoolers and a module for high schoolers. 

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""Just recently, I had to write an essay that had a prompt which asked, "How do I motivate myself?" I used your techniques, and I wrote my outline and re-wrote my paper in under 45 minutes! It felt like all this giant weight of stress for writing papers left me, and I surprisingly had a great time doing it. And the best part of it all, I received a really good grade. Your lessons were so helpful!""

Emma W.
Student, 14 years old

After Finishing Foundations 2...

Students will be able to write 5 paragraph essays with confidence. They will:

  • Know how to answer an essay prompt quickly with mnemonics that help keep the brain working clearly even when under stress and pressure.
  • Know how to expand an Introductory Statement into an Introductory Paragraph with a grabber (the fast way version), bridge, and summary.  
  • Know how to expand a Concluding Statement into a Concluding Paragraph that connects the essay all together, and expands the ideas in a meaningful way.
  • And know how to format, revise, and polish their essay before turning it in (an oft-skipped step for most students). 
Check Out Foundations 2

"“Thank you SO much for making this course. It has helped me TREMENDOUSLY. I wish I had this course in my life years ago!”"

Daniel B.
Student, 17 years old

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